What is the Rough Diamond Course?

The Online Rough Diamond Course is based on a curriculum that has successfully trained individuals from all walks of life, since 1980, at our physical school, American Institute of Diamond Cutting (A.I.D.C Inc.), in South Florida. As a single location school, we recognize the potential difficulty it may create for some students to travel to our on campus location. The demand for our curriculum to be made available online has now been met. Intensive reviewing of our lesson plans has been done in order to adapt the curriculum to the internet model of the rough, provided via course subscription. Physical stones that would have been provided in the classroom have now been transferred to high definition photographs, descriptive photograph reviews, 360 degree rotating images of specimens, additional self-tests and interactive lessons. We are proud to offer the first ever comprehensive online rough diamond evaluation program geared for beginners and industry professionals alike.


Online learning has been on the rise in recent years for many reasons:

  • Students can fit these lessons around their schedule at whatever time is most convenient for them.
  • No travel needed! Anyone can simply log on to virtual lessons from the comfort of their own home or office.
  • Online lessons can be more fitting for the budgets of our customers. Our online course is easily accessible at a lesser cost than at our physical school.
  • In addition to the convenience and the cost, a large number of people are turning to online learning courses because they have become a better way to learn.

Feel free to explore more about our parent school the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, Inc.

Overview of Rough Diamonds

In this lesson we cover the introduction to sources of Rough Diamonds, Gem quality and Industrial Diamonds, The Manufacturing process, World Markets, Tools and Equipment of the industry.

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Features of Rough Diamonds

In this lesson we cover how to properly identify all of the various inclusions found in rough diamonds such as Carbon, Feathers, Clouds, Pinpoints, Advanced Twinning, Stress and Strain.

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Price Structure Of Diamonds

This lesson covers the price in relation to Expected Weight Recovery, Color, Inclusions, and Cut. We also Explain the appropriate formulas to calculate price estimates of parcels and single stones.

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Ready For The Exciting World Of Diamonds?

The Rough Diamond Course is the worlds only online study program to learn the Evaluation process of Rough Diamonds from A to Z. Study at your own pace and test your skills through interactive tests and detailed lesson plans.

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