Learning is the new skill. Imagination, Creation, and asking new questions are at its core. - Sugata Mitra

How long is this course?

The course is designed to be a self study at your own pace program. Some students can compete it as quickly as a single week if you commit to it full time. To truly understand the information we recommend you take your time and fully retain the material provided, review the pictures, read texts several time, and take notes. Test yourself as many times as necessary to complete each lesson. We give you one year from your start date to complete the program.

Will any stones or materials be provided to study with?

No, this is an online program with many detailed pictures of the stones we use for our in house program at the American Institute Of Diamond Cutting. We spent countless hours photographing and describing each diamond in detail so that you may apply this knowledge to your work. Although its not required to complete the course with excellent results, it may be beneficial to have at least one rough stone to examine in person. If you cannot source one AIDC may be able to supply one to you at wholesale values once you join the online program.

Will I get a Degree or Certificate?

You will receive an Affidavit of Recognition from us. Although most of the program is the same as our in class lesson plan, unfortunately we can only provide Nationally recognized certificates to students that attend the class in person at the Institute. Once you complete the online course, a stamped and signed Affidavit of Recognition will be mailed to your address recognizing that you have completed the course of study. You will still have access to the information provided to you within the course for one year from your start date.