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Who Are We?

The Rough Diamond course is designed by Nizam Peters and produced by Chantal Peters, daughter of Mr. Peters.

Ms. Peters is the third generation in a family of diamond experts. She was involved in many different aspects of business from a very young age. Chantal is a co-educator for the program of grading and sorting rough diamonds at the American Institute of Diamond Cutting and holds a Nationally recognized certificate as an expert diamond grader from AIDC.

The curriculum for the Rough Diamond online course was developed by Nizam Peters. Mr. Peters teaches this program in his institute, based in Florida, since 1980. This in-school program has other practical aspects of rough grading, which understandably, some sections of this online program physically cannot cover.

Mr. Nizam Peters is a published Author of 5 books in the study of diamonds. He is the founder and senior instructor of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting school; the only diamond cutting school in the United States that is licensed to teach the prestigious profession of diamond cutting and rough diamond grading.

Meet the Team

The Family here at AIDC stands ready to provide you with the education you need to be successful in the rough diamond industry. With three generations of experience and available hands-on class room education available to you, we are your number one source for learning about rough diamonds.


Nizam Peters

Author & Professor

Senior Professor and Founder of the American Institute of Diamond Cutting Inc.


Chantal Peters

Founder & CEO

Third generation Diamond Expert and Nationally Recognized Diamond Grader


Svetlana Frank

Vice President

Rough Diamond expert and Co-Founder of the Rough Diamond Course Online School

Ready For The Exciting World Of Diamonds?

The Rough Diamond Course is the worlds only online study program to learn the Evaluation process of Rough Diamonds from A to Z. Study at your own pace and test your skills through interactive tests and detailed lesson plans.