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The growing demand for online learning worldwide inspired the creation of our online rough diamond course.The rough diamond online course equips every student with the knowledge to evaluate rough diamonds. Once completed, you will be able to examine the color and clarity of rough diamonds, identify different types of inclusions, and understand pricing individual single large crystals or parcels of rough. The information and photographs presented in this extensive online course are from thirty years of research and study from both within the institute and in the field.

This diamond course contains 12 assignments with in-depth content and more than 300 high resolution images including many interactive 360° views. At the end of each assignment the student will be given a test. Each test has 20 questions with multiple choice answers. The student will have to achieve a 75% score or higher, in order to move onto the next assignment. If the student does not pass, the test will be given again once the student has done sufficient review and preparation. The subscription to the rough diamond course will be available for 12 months after purchasing the course. Once the entire course is completed, a letter of completion will be issued to the student via mail with AIDC inc.’s seal and signature.

The rough diamond online course is an excellent option for those who are unable to obtain a visa for travel in the United States to our institute, AIDC inc., in Florida. The course gives flexibility to those who have a very busy schedule, or would like to save on travel and hotel expenses.

Online learning has shown significant growth over the last years, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills. At this moment, online learning is becoming an important option for people to help the adoption of this rapid change in the world. Most people find many reasons to take their courses online due to numerous advantages:

  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Lower total costs
  • More comfortable learning environment
  • Greater ability to concentrate


Overview of Rough Diamonds

Tthe introduction to sources of Rough Diamonds, Industrial Diamonds, Gem quality, The Manufacturing process, World Markets, Tools and Equipment of the industry.


Fundamentals Of Proportions

Proportions, round brilliants, proportion analysis, how to measure rough, measurements, percentage charts and how to apply them.


Cutting and Polishing

You will learn the process of cutting and polishing, Inclusions and how they impact the cutting plan, Equipment and how it is used for the cutting and polishing process.


Structure and Shape

This lesson covers structure and all the various shapes of rough Diamonds. Additionally you will learn proper orienting of these shapes for weight retention and maximum yield.


Color In Rough Diamonds

The introduction to colors, awareness to color related factors, how to color grade in the field and effects of color on rough internally and externally.


Rough Diamonds and Fancy Shapes

This is the introduction to fancy shape Diamonds and the shape of the rough used to create them. Additionally you will learn measurement and weight estimation for fancy shapes.


Surface and Near Surface Features

How to examine both the internal and external features of rough diamonds. You will also     go over the industry terminology to properly describe your findings.


Planning And Sawing

The proper planning procedures for the sawing of rough diamonds, practical decisions faced in dividing the rough, and the technique of sawing.


Rough Industrial Diamonds

In this lesson you will learn how to properly identify rough industrial diamonds, the classification of them and the price structure applied to rough industrial grade diamonds.


Internal Features of Rough

How to properly identify all of the various internal inclusions found in rough diamonds such as Carbon, Feathers, Clouds, Pinpoints, Advanced Twinning, Stress and Strain.


Application of Bruting

In this lesson we cover the art of bruting rough diamonds, the application of bruting, and the bruting process for fancy shape diamonds.


Price Structure of Rough Diamonds

In this lesson we cover the price in relation to Expected Weight, Color, Inclusions, and Cut. We also Explain the appropriate formulas to calculate price estimates of parcels and single stones.


The Growing Global Diamond Industry

Rough Diamond Production worldwide for 2018 has hit a near record high of 150 million Carats and valued at 18 Billion Dollars. The total production of rough affects the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, bench jeweler and anyone that is involved in the diamond or jewelry industry. The availability of rough in the field at reasonable prices is more accessible than at any other time. Today, major opportunities exist for the rough diamond trader to buy at the mines and resell at fair profit margins or purchase rough, have it cut and sell the finished diamonds with increased profit revenues.

Ready For The Exciting World Of Diamonds?

The Rough Diamond Course is the worlds only online study program to learn the Evaluation process of Rough Diamonds from A to Z. Study at your own pace and test your skills through interactive tests and detailed lesson plans.