Natural Colored Diamonds, Rough and Polished By Nizam Peters


This book is written in an-easy-to-understand manner with over ninety photographs depicting a diverse selection of fancy colors. It gives the reader a ready grasp in understanding what gives colored diamonds their value and desirability. The topics of the book includes the fundamentals of fancy colored diamonds, inclusions and their effect on colors and the process of manufacturing color. Additionally, it describes how to understand laboratory certification, principals of valuing and colored diamonds as an investment. It can be said that each colored diamond has a one-of-a-kind color that is unique because no two natural colored polished diamond is exactly alike in facet placement, symmetry, angles, and color saturation. Their unparalleled beauty can be compared to viewing a Monet or Rembrandt. In the hands of a diamond polisher, each colored diamond is awakened as if from a deep sleep through the manufacturing process, which brings the polished diamond to life.

The authors, Nizam and Leslie Peters, have spent the better part of their lives studying, polishing, and promoting fancy colored diamonds.



Book Size: 8 ½ x 11 inches – Hardcover
Number of Chapters: 9
Number of photographs: 91
ISBN: 978-0-9665854-5-2